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Join one of our unique mastermind groups. You will be inspired, energized and encouraged to learn better work and life skills, how to enhance solutions and build on strengths, while seeking and seizing opportunities.

Participation will accelerate your…

1. Awareness and learning critical skills

2. Readiness to advance in your field

3. Personal and career options

4. Potential choices and decision-making

5. Personal growth leading to increased income and fulfillment!

Those 5 things convert to major increases in your personal $ value, marketability and power.

How does it work?

 Mastermind Group members act as sparks and catalysts for personal growth by sharing experiences, discussing problems, exchanging ideas, playing devil’s advocates, evaluating solutions and supporting each other with total honesty, respect and compassion.

 Do you have or want the spark? Are you willing to be the spark for someone else?

 We teach you how to be a successful mastermind member.

 Mastermind participants meet in person or online for 60-90 minutes twice each month.

In addition they meet with their mastermind facilitator for individual coaching to improve

their personal performance and experiences with the Mastermind Group.

 Membership in a 4-8 person Mastermind Group requires individual commitment and confidentiality plus a willingness to be creative and brainstorm solutions to problems with people from different backgrounds and experiences. No specialized hardware or software is required. You may connect to the mastermind group by smart phone, tablet, Mac, PC or other online device.

 Can’t make it to a meeting due to a schedule conflict? No problem! You can always access the latest recorded group exchanges and information through our interactive communication system, a dedicated Facebook page, voicemail, email and text messages to assure that you remain connected to other members of your group.

Ways You Will Benefit from This Advanced Mastermind + Coaching Program:

 Be guided and supported by facilitators with extensive business experience who have

coached leaders, managers and professionals to achieve top performance.

 Learn 12 advanced communication, brainstorming and problem solving techniques to

jumpstart your creativity and achieve your desired outcomes.

 Receive proven guidance from caring people who are ready and willing to help.

Isolation, confusion or fear is minimized.

 Exchange ideas with members of your Mastermind Group and uncover potential

solutions to your issues, especially dealing with:

1. Selling your ideas, products and services

2. Money, cash flow and expenses

3. Power, authority and responsibilities

4. Interpersonal relationships

5. Accountability for individual and group performance

6. Recruitment and retention

7. Staff satisfaction

You will explore 8 lifestyle roles and influences that affect your performance:

1. Yourself

2. Your spouse, partner or significant other

3. Your family, friends, work group and teammates

4. Formal organizations

5. Outside or 3 rd party influences

6. How you make choices and decisions

7. How you improve your personal performance

8. How you manage change.

You will consider new and more effective strategies to deal with personal limitations such as:

 False beliefs

 Fear, anger, shame, guilt or hesitation

 Mistakes and perhaps the need to do-over or abandon a losing situation.

You will set goals and create 12-month action plans to achieve what you desire.

Your new accountability partners will give you input and feedback to help keep you on track and performing to your fullest potential.

5 Additional things you will receive in the program in addition to the benefits listed above.

 Two 90-minute Mastermind meetings each month.

 A 1-hour webinar with instructions and practical guidance for improving communication skills, creativity, relationships and on-the- job performance (view anytime).

 A 1-hour webinar teaching you how to evaluate your current and past situations and transform yourself to create the new you (view anytime).

 One 60-minute private coaching session with your facilitator each month.

 Phone and email support from your facilitator as needed.

What Is It Worth to You?

We estimate that in terms of your career and personal development you may earn an additional $100,000 or more as a result of what you learn with your mastermind group.

What is the Investment?

 Twelve (12)-Month Mastermind Group Program – $9,600 payable up front or in 4 installments of $2,500 for each enrolled person. Alternative payment schedules are available on an as needed basis.

Members in the 12-month mastermind program will also receive instructions and practical guidance in the 14 critical skills required for top flight leadership and management competence using a series of 14 webinars and self-directed evaluations.

 Six (6)-Month Mastermind Group Program – $4,200 payable up front or in 2 installments

of $2,250 for each enrolled person. Alternative payment schedules are available on an as needed basis.

Chief Facilitator for the Mastermind Groups:

Jon Taber, Founder and CEO of Jon Taber & Associates – StreetSmart Experts – 40-year founder and “C-level” executive of 17 organizations in 11 different fields including medical, entertainment, technology, wholesale/retail and lifestyle. Jon has been a consultant to Fortune 1,000 corporations, Federal, State, local and military and non-profit organizations; speaker at 36 colleges and universities; executive coach, consultant, mentor and trainer to over 5,000 leaders and managers.

Jon is the author of “Child’s Play” plus 3 forthcoming books: “How to Survive, Thrive and Achieve Your Dreams,” “22 Keys to Leadership Success” and “Who Are You? What Is Your Life Purpose?” plus co-host with Jim T. Chong on “The CEO Leadership Corner” on Live Strong America – News to Inspire at:

Please contact Jon Taber for more information, meeting schedules and enrollmentapplications.

Jon Taber, C0-Founder of CEO Leadership CornerPhone: (916) 605-9608 email;